An analysis of the internal and external situation was carried out to gain more understanding about the current tool and its context. The images above show findings from client interviews and a model illustrating the relation between the insider and the rest of BR-ND's service portfolio. The main findings of this analysis pointed out that a growing need exists for tools that uses the brand for organisational purposes, anticipating on the shift in branding moving more towards organisational culture. Furthermore a communication gap was revealed between the project team and the organisation when feeding back results of the Insider and during the rest of the change process.
 Next a future analysis was executed to reveal the needs and wishes for the future tool and to define a future context. The image shows the drivers for the future context and how these are related. Next to this generative sessions with BR-ND were carried out. It became clear that the current Insider needs to be completely renewed, creating a continuous platform along the entire brand innovation process.
 All findings were translated into a design vision used to guide the rest of the process:  To create a platform that supports the brand innovation process, forming the link between the project team and BR-ND, and the organisation, through the use of the following elements:  • Invite: Easy & Accessible • Motivate: Attractive & Rewarding • Generate: Input, Feedback & Dialogue • Trust: Transparency & Exemplary behavior • Change: Connect & Activate. First the lower stage needs to be fulfilled before the next stage can be reached.
 A concept has been created guided by the vision and needs and wishes revealed by the present and future analysis: InMotion. The concept consists of a continuous platform facilitating two main services; one providing predefined questions per phase. The other service facilitating a dialogue between the project team and the organization and the organization itself. Next to this the platform offers transparency to the organization by means of visualizing the process in time. Furthermore gamification elements are incorporated to stimulate participation. The concept is further supported by a stakeholders journey, implementation plan and a tool evaluation with experts and clients. BR-ND is very pleased with the outcome of the project and the first pilot of InMotion has already been successfully executed!
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