After an extensive ideation phase including brainstorms, research, cost calculations and expert meetings a choice was made to develop a Smart Climate Control System. It entails a system which controls the temperature, blinds, ventilation and light of the building based on both data and sensor input of the users (presence, agenda, preference) and the environment (temperature, light intensity, weather forecast). Following images show the interface concepts that are developed to support sustainable behavior and make the system more efficient without compromising the user.
 Blinds adjustment interface: blinds regulation can switch to a more energy efficient mode, taking the actual user presence and probability of the user returning into consideration. This change is determined based on the digital agenda of the employee and its personal punctuality pattern.
 Temperature adjustment interface: Preferences of temperature and blinds are stated via a computer interface, in which users are stimulated to choose energy efficiently.
 Room booking interface: an altered digital booking system for meeting rooms is used to encourage users to book the most energy efficient room.
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